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      We are a small family farm, located in the Ozarks. Our goal is to raise and preserve rare and endangered heritage breed livestock. We now have 4 registered American Mulefoot Hogs, and are planning on adding chickens and sheep in the very near future.


     We use no antibiotics or hormones,and use feed free of medication. Our hogs are kept in open pasture and are not forced to live in over- crowded conditions. We feel that the stress of production practices affects the quality of the pork and strive to raise happy healthy hogs with top qulity meat. 

Our first litter


    Today, the Mulefoot is the rarest of American swine breeds.The most distinctive feature of the American Mulefoot hog is the solid hoof which resembles that of a mule. The Mulefoot is a large docile, black hog with sows weighing 250-400 pounds, boars 350-600 pounds. The American Mulefoot has a documented population with a breed standard and a long history of agricultural use. This breed is unique to the United States and is critically rare. Recent events, however, have led to more optimism regarding its survival.